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ECDIS Basics

ECDIS Basics

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ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System)

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 ECDIS; how it is presented; approach Warnemünde


ECDIS is a system that is able to display electronic chart information with automatic position updates that has built in redundancy. ECDIS is a complex system for shiphandling assisting the mariner in all aspects of navigation. ECDIS display digital charts information together with ships position and course and requires redundancy. It is the legal equivalent of a paper chart.
Risks result from overreliances in the system of ECDIS Systems. The collected information gives a first overview of:

  • legals, rules, regulations and standards,
  • basics of chart datum,
  • differences between raster- and vector presentation,
  • production, updating and distribution of vector charts,
  • information, which is not yet (2015) available in ECDIS.

ECDIS is being developed and extended continuously. If information on this site is not correct or if you need more in-depth information or details do not hesitate to contact me.

ECDIS in Operation information may be obtained by following the link.

I hope you will enjoy visiting the collected information and I wish you always enough water under the keel.

Discussions on ECDIS

Even the most experienced and well-trained navigator can make a mistake when forced to handle too much information at the same time.


The mariner has to be shown what is available to him and he has to have effective control over selecting what appears on the "prime  Display", and this control has to be standardised for all ships' bridges.


You can argue that the crewmember should have had sufficient proficiency in ECDIS but what saves lives isn't what people should know, it's what they do know. (adapted from an American Marine Incident Investigation)



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